What Is Dust Stop Municipal Blend (DSMB)?

Dust Stop Municipal Blend is the newest Cypher Environmental’s dust control technology. It replaced Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate as dust control technology particularly for the mining sector. DSMB was formulated with the mining industry in mind. Here is a little story about how important dust control is for the mining sector especially gold and bauxite mining operations. Recently, there was a class action suit against a number of mining companies; the class action suit began in South Africa. The main grievance was that mining workers and communities near mining operations were contracting silicosis, a diseases that affects the eye due to silicon-rich dust produced from mining of gold and other minerals. Consequently, the mining sector lost the case and a judge in South Africa awarded over $450 million dollars to the victims. This is what makes environmentally safe products like DSMB so important for the mining sector.

How Is DSMB Applied?

Simple! You mix it per Cypher specified DSMB to Water ratio and you spray it on exposes soil that has potential to produce dust under windy conditions or under hauling truck traffic. This nature of application is call “Topical” application of DSMB. DSMB can also be applied in a manner called “Mixed-In” application. In the mixed-in process, the existing road or bare open area that can produce dust is ripped or scarified using a grader. The ground is scarified to a depth of approximately about 102 millimeters (2 inches), DSMB is sprayed and mixed in with the soil. After thoroughly mixing the DSMB with the soil, the grader shapes the ground according to design plans before the roller compacts it. After compaction, DSMB is applied topically to seal the surface.

Can DSMB Be Applied On Regular Feeder Roads?

Yes, DSMB can be applied topically on any unpaved road. In fact, Inotecsol recommends a mixed-in DSMB in combination with EZ pavement serving as a feeder roads at areas where farmers live to reduce or eliminate dust for the farming communities. However, on busy roads with a lot of people in urban centers, we recommend using DSMB and gravel chips to seal any EZ pavement. Please refer to the section under pavement types to learn more

Who Really Needs DSMB?

Cypher Environmental made this product with the mining sector in mind. Also, any organization that experiences dust pollution due to operations will benefit tremendously by using DSMB; any unpaved open area where large gathering like funerals take place will also benefit from using DSMB to control dust. Anyone who uses DSMB as dust control will see significant savings since DSMB is not required to be used frequently as other dust control products on the market.

Does DSMB Need To Be Applied Frequently?

Yes, but the frequency of application strictly depends on the operations and the conditions under which dust occurs. For example, if you are a mining company that hauls tons of load on an unpaved road, you may need to apply DSMB once every month depending on the application method you choose and the traffic volume. If you are a transportation agency like the Ministry of Roads and Highways, you may need to apply DSMB once every 4 to 6 months depending on traffic on the road.

Is DSMB Safe?

Yes, DSMB is safe for the environment and people. It is water-based, non-corrosive and nontoxic.

Who Can Afford to buy DSMB?

Inotecsol works with Cypher to ensure anyone who needs DSMB gets it through creative financing that does not put a drain on your operating budget. Give us a call and we will work with you to address your specific needs!

How Quickly Can DSMB Be Applied?

DSMB can be applied in a matter of few hours if you choose the topical application. The topical application may take a day to complete about 1 kilometer. A commercial water truck is all that is needed for the topical application. A grader with an attached ripper, steel drum roller, rubber tire roller and commercial water truck are needed for the mixed-in application.

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