'We not only intend to maintain our reputation of superior performance but to exceed the expectations of our valued clients, investors and stakeholders.'
CEO, Inotecsol




INOTECSOL’s goal is to build a successful business based on delivering superior results for our valued clients, high returns and margins for our valued investors and stakeholders while helping to promote socio-economic development in Ghana.

By investing in Inotecsol, not only are you assisting us in funding critical road projects but also you will become part of the experience of helping to improve socio-economic and health conditions in Ghana.

We are well-positioned to build a reputation of excellence, high-performance and above-market returns for our valued investors for the following reasons:


Competent, Experienced and Passionate Management Team To Drive Superior Results

Inotecsol’s Directors are professionals with decades of experience in engineering, construction, infrastructure, finance, new venture and project management, working in Ghana and the United States. 

High Demand for Durable and Affordable Pavements in Ghana

Only 23% of roads in Ghana are paved, leaving 77% or 49,122km of roads excluding community and residential roads to be paved.  The market valuation of Ghana’s roadway infrastructure is in billions of dollars across all the different market segments and pavement types.

The significant size of the market and opportunity, coupled with Inotecsol’s affordable roadway technology present us with unique opportunity to maintain sustainable high-levels of profit margins and ROI for our valued creditors, investors and stakeholders.

Exclusive Right to Superior Technology Resulting in Unique Competitive Advantage and High-Barrier to Entry

Proprietary License: Inotecsol has the sole license to deploy Cypher’s state-of-the-art clean roadway technology in Ghana in collaboration with our Canadian partner.  This creates a significant barrier to entry, giving us a sustainable competitive advantage that enables us to deliver consistently superior results and returns for our valued investors and stakeholders.​

Technology Approval and Recommendation: Our clean-roadway technology has been approved by the Ghana Standards Board and the EPA and Ghana Ministry of Roads & Highways recommends our technology for constructing roads in Ghana.

Diversified Revenue Streams Across the Road Construction Space

INOTECSOL is a unique high-tech road construction company that is uniquely positioned to generate revenue from all segments of the road infrastructure space in Ghana including mining haul and access roads, highways, urban roads, feeder and Cocobod roads, residential and communities, etc. Our technology enables us to design unique solutions to suit our clients’ needs, differentiating us from our competitors and positioning us to generate sustainable high profit margins.



What Is INOTECSOL’s Business?

"Never invest in a business you cannot understand."  Warren buffet

We are in the business of bringing clean roadway technologies that are affordable and environmentally safe to help develop roadway infrastructure in Ghana.

Is There  A Minimum Investment Amount?


The minimum investment amount depends on the contract value and the capital required to execute the project. For equity investors, it depends on the valuation of Inotecsol and the share price.

What is the level of returns I can expect?

Our unique technology and efficient operations enable us to offer above-market ROI to our valued investors while mitigating potential risks. The level of potential returns is a function of the type of investment vehicle (equity, debt, loan, hybrid, etc.), the terms, the specific project being funded and the type of pavement and therefore the contract value.

Current Investment Opportunities

5km EarthZyme Bitumen Double Chip Seal  Road

INOTECSOL is currently raising short-term funds to construct a 5-kilometre (km) EarthZyme (EZ) pavement with bitumen double chip seal wearing course for Ghana Urban Roads((Ministry of Roads & Highways). The 5km roadway is the only major throughway that connects Ashaley-Botwe School Junction and Trassaco Valley Estates area to the Tema Motorway, making it an important and strategic project.


How Can I Invest?

Individual Investors Can:

  1. Invest in specific projects we advertise by providing capital to execute the project through direct loans or by participating in our crowdfunding program

  2. Provide collateral to enable us to secure the capital to execute a specific project

  3. Buy shares of INOTECSOL as an equity investor in a private placement offering

  4. Buy debt instruments issued by Inotecsol in a private placement offering

Institutional Investors such as Development Banks and Agencies (IFC, AFC, AfDB, etc.), Banks, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, etc) can:

  1. Invest in specific projects we advertise by providing direct capital or contributing capital to the project’s Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

  2. Buy shares of INOTECSOL as an equity investor

  3. Provide capital for expansion as a private equity investor

  4. Buy debt or hybrid instruments issued by Inotecsol in a private placement offering

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