Our roadway technology offers different solutions for different groups of customers. We not only help our clients build durable roads, but we also help them save 30-50% in road construction and maintenance cost depending on the type of pavement.

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Poor road infrastructure impedes a nation’s development in several ways including:

  • Low trade and commerce activities by making it difficult to transport goods and services

  • Low productivity resulting in low GDP due to longer travel times

  • High consumption of fuel for vehicles

  • High maintenance and repair cost for vehicles due to wear and tear and dust pollution

  • Health effects of dust pollution and dangerous pot-holes.

Ghana has an estimated 67,291 km of road network currently. Of this, 12,785 km are trunk roads, 42,394 km are feeder roads and 12,112 km are urban roads.

  • The road network carries in excess of 97% of all passenger and freight traffic in Ghana, linking main cities, towns and villages.

  • Thus, road transport is very significant to Ghana’s economy as it links agricultural production areas with local, regional and national markets.

  • Unfortunately, about 70% of these roads are either unpaved or not drivable, hampering efficient movement of people, goods and services, impeding economic development



  • Lack of innovative technology to build durable, stable and affordable roads

  • The high cost of road construction

  • Inadequate financial resources to construct roads

  • Unstable roads with a short-life span

  • Poorly engineered and constructed pavements by some contractors especially the sub-base and base course layers

  • Lack of or poorly designed and constructed drainage systems and road structures

Inotecsol's Solutions:

  • Utilize Cypher’s state-of-the-art roadway technology to construct durable and stable roads that can last for 10-20 years depending on the pavement type

  • Affordable roads that result in 40% - 50% savings on construction and maintenance cost

  • High CBR values capable of withstanding heavy haulage

  • Highways and Urban Roads: Cheaper, stable and durable EZ sub-base and base course layers making roads more affordable

  • Cocoa and Feeder Roads; Durable, stable, dust-controlled and cost-effective gravel roads

The solutions required to address Ghana’s poor road infrastructure present a unique opportunity for INOTECSOL to help in facilitating socio-economic development while generating results for our stakeholders


Municipal Authorities

They are the political and administrative authorities for cities run by a general assembly which is constituted by two-thirds elected representatives and one-third government appointees

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  • Poor road infrastructure

  • Dust pollution

  • Inadequate internally generated revenue to construct local roads

  • Lack of innovative technology to build durable and stable but affordable roads

  • Poorly engineered and designed pavements by some contractors especially the sub-base and base course leading to roads that are expensive but have short-life spans

Inotecsol's Solutions:

  • Affordable road solutions through the deployment of our innovative technology:

    • Earthzyme and DSMB chip sealed roads

    • Roads that are 30% - 50% cheaper versus comparable traditional pavements

    • Durable roads with a lifespan of 10  - 20 years depending on the pavement type versus comparable traditional roads

Thus, we work with municipal authorities to design simple, cheap and innovative solutions as an alternative to the traditional ways of building roads. Our solutions overcome the challenges of cost and durability in building roads to deal with the deteriorated roads in our municipalities.

Residential & Communities

Except for some few upscale communities, residential communities in Ghana have some of the worst road networks in Ghana. Everyone knows that not only are roads in most residential areas not paved and dusty, but they also tend to have significant potholes, especially after the rainy season.  


What we do is to put the solution in the hands of the community. Our business model offers convenient financing arrangements, to enable communities to have peace of mind by building affordable but durable and dust-free roads.


  • Lack of technology to build durable, dust-free but affordable roads

  • Lack of adequate funds for communities to build roads

  • Cost prohibitive and therefore unaffordable roads

  • Health hazard due to pot-holes, dust and noise pollution

  • Wear and tear of vehicles requiring frequent maintenance, squeezing family’s budgets

  • Poor aesthetics

Inotecsol's Solutions:

  • Durable and environmentally sound roads with a lifespan of 10 – 20 years depending on the pavement type

  • EarthZyme chip seal roads that are durable, dust-free but 30% - 40% cheaper versus comparable roads

  • EarthZyme bitumen chip seal roads that are cost-effective (40% -50% savings) versus comparable traditional roads

  • Innovative financing arrangements to enable communities pay for roads

We offer the residential communities affordable and more durable solutions with minimum impact on their environment, utilizing our clean road technology.



The mining sector in Ghana faces the following challenges:​

  • Need for stable and durable but affordable haul and access roads

  • Unpaved roads with low CBR values

  • Dust pollution requiring constant use of water bowsers to water roads to control dust

  • High road reconstruction and maintenance costs

  • Hauling cost for open-pit mines being 50% of operational cost

  • Wear and tear of equipment due to bad roads and dust pollution

  • Risk of environmental pollution and respiratory health and eye hazards

  • Negative attention from regulators (EPA) and potential loss of license

Inotecsol's Solutions:

In collaboration with Cypher, our state-of-the-art technology offers the following solutions to these challenges:

  • Durable roads that can last 5-10 years with minimal routine maintenance

  • High CBR values suited for heavy haulage

  • Dust control solutions (DSMB) ensuring compliance with EPA and regulatory agencies

  • Significant reduction of road construction and maintenance costs

  • Decreased rolling resistance from 7% - 2% resulting in further increased productivity and decreased fuel consumption

  • Technology allows utilization of mining waste materials e.g. stone chippings, reducing road construction cost

  • Cost Savings Range : 40% - 47%

Our innovative roadway solutions will boost profitability and increase shareholder value through the reduction of road construction and maintenance costs by 40% - 47%, increased productivity and low cycle times and compliance with EPA and regulators avoiding potential loss of license or disruption of business operations.


Unpaved and dusty roads with low CBR values are costly to maintain, affect efficiency, productivity and cycle times of mining companies and therefore their margins and shareholder value.

Cypher’s state-of-the-art clean technology has traditionally provided innovative solutions for mining companies across the globe to build durable, dust-controlled and affordable haul and access roads with high CBR values that can withstand heavy mining haulage trucks, while ensuring compliance with EPA and regulatory authorities.

Therefore, Cypher’s technology has been the Gold Standard for road infrastructure solutions for mining companies.

Inotecsol, in collaboration with Cypher, work with leading mining companies in Ghana to offer Cypher’s innovative and affordable road solutions

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